There for you when you want, absent when you don’t

Considering this exciting, sensual, adventurous luxury for the first time? Feeling shy or unsure how to proceed? I warmly encouraged you to send me an email. I am very easygoing and ready to reassure you. I want to make your experience, from initial contact to our date, one you will always remember fondly. By the way, it’s completely normal to feel a combination of excitement and apprehension before our first date. I genuinely enjoy being a lady’s companion and I look forward to making you feel special.

Do you desire a discreet and mutually beneficial situation, one that focuses on lots of fun and pleasure while avoiding drama completely? Let us develop a genuine connection in which we look forward to seeing each other again and again. I will be with you at your convenience, without the expectations of a typical boyfriend.

When you’re ready I can meet you at your home; or should you prefer, it is my pleasure to reserve a room at the hotel of your choice, and check in before our date. Be assured that I will handle all email correspondence, telephone calls, and reservations with discretion and sensitivity.

Discreet and healthy; I am and do require of you. While I am open to discussing your plans and desires, please understand that I am unable to accept every engagement offered.

Why should men have all the fun?

Women who enjoy the companionship of a male courtesan are generally very successful and often:

  • Have busy schedules yet refuse to deny themselves intimacy
  • Are not interested in, or do not have time for, a committed relationship
  • Want to experience something new
  • Enjoy treating themselves and being pampered
  • Crave tenderness, an element perhaps lacking in their present relationship
  • Are in the public eye and want to avoid the gossip that arises from casual dating
  • Thrive on the feeling of empowerment and independence dating a courtesan brings them

So you see, there are many, many reasons why women spend time with a male companion – and choose to repeat the experience – beyond the pleasure of spending time with a well-spoken, cultured, and worldly gentleman.

A word of caution

There are many agencies and individuals offering escort services. When making your selection, listen to your intuition and follow a few simple rules. Ask questions and feel confident that your concerns are addressed with courtesy, respect, and to your satisfaction. Insist on speaking with the man you will be seeing. Pay attention to how you feel during your conversations. Should you feel anything other than excited, maybe a bit nervous, and confident, decline formalizing any arrangement.

Your comfort and safety are my primary concerns.

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